Second marriage before the year of separation, Durnibar forgets Meenakshi and falls in love with Aindrila.

Second marriage before the year of separation, Durnibar forgets Meenakshi and falls in love with Aindrila.

Bangladeshi office: The first marriage broke up last year. Singer Durnibar Saha broke up with Meenakshi Mukherjee. He also announced the new relationship in the month after the separation. He found new love in the entertainment world. He is Oindrila Sen, the personal manager of Prosenjit Chatterjee. This time Durnibar will travel seven times with him for the second time.

When the rumors of separation with Meenakshi peaked, allegations of adultery were raised against Durnibar. But he did not hide the new relationship. By sharing photos with Aindrila, it was as if he had passed a message, I made love. This time Durnibar also broke the news of the marriage. He will be getting married for the second time this year.

Durnibar Oindrila

In a recent interview, Durnibar Aindrila said that they will be getting married on March 9. Aindrila told the story of their first meeting in the interview. He said he had his first conversation with Durnibar in December last year. He went to listen to a show in a famous restaurant in town. The first conversation between the two was there.

They kept each other’s phone numbers at first sight. But the conversation didn’t start then. After a few months, the two met again, at a trailer launch event. Aindrila then suggested going to a pub in Park Street. On the other hand, said Durnibar, Lakshmi will go to see the band’s show. This show changes all equations.

Both were attracted to each other. So no one hesitated to get involved. Durnibar said he understands that some relationships aren’t good. But now it looks like someone is holding her hand tightly. Durnibar thinks Mohr (Aindrila) is the right person in his life.

durnibar minakshi

The four hands of Durnibar Aindrila will become one in spring. They made all the plans for the event. Music has a big role this time too. Aindrila aka Mohr prefers Bier Sanai and Rabindra Sangeet sung by Durnibar. And there is jazz music in the name of Durnibar.

Incidentally, the music world’s favorite duo was Durniba’s Meenakshi. The two fell in love and got married. Durnibar Meenakshi married socially in 2021 after living for a few years. Over the years, their world crumbles. Now Durnibar is getting married for the second time.

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