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See you soon – Channel I Online

See you soon – Channel I Online

He is a music seller. He drew the truth from the melody of the song. In times of war or revolution. In love or in love, his voice is melodious. Hum or sing, music is his main weapon. Instead of changing his political position, he doesn’t care! But always in the same place. It represents all just claims. Just as words boil down to resistance, call out love in an intolerant world. Who bounces. It’s his old habit.

He has also faced sad controversies on several occasions. However, there are no regrets. How overwhelmed you are with people’s love right now. He also burned the Coil of Hate in his pocket to get the chest. He doesn’t have the patience to criticize! When he talks about his political position, he can sit in front of hundreds of people and say in a smooth voice, “Enough is enough. I am an artist, politics is not my job! You can also say in a soft voice, “Don’t judge me with that!”

Suman has been in Dhaka for over a week. He didn’t get a chance to sing at the designated venue for security reasons. Despite the uncertainty, this eternal creator has conquered the alternative place! There is no shortage of people to hear and see it. With a break, the ceremony with him lasted a total of three days. People are so interested in Suman that organizers are struggling to provide tickets! Within a day of the tickets being released, all tickets were reported in the media.

Sumon’s final event of this tour was on Friday, August 21 afternoon-evening-night. Kabir regretted not having seen the two previous concerts in one evening! Over seventy years! Still not incomprehensible. What a spontaneous Suman! How easy! Which singer exactly? The stories of his experiences are touched as if they were songs of single words. in the heart at the bottom Suman wrapped in humor! He has the ability to defeat word magic. did

Many people have told the story of Suman’s fascination with the people of Dhaka through music. Also written by our colleagues and friends. Instead of going to Bahulya, I want to talk about the posture of Suman.

It was conceivable that Suman might not be comfortable with the usual song-arranging style – but because he will be viewed in such a laid-back way, perhaps those who saw him for the first time like me – did not expect so much! Perhaps this pose separates Suman from Ard. Make it your own!

The public is excited to hear Kabir

Sumon plays the keyboard and sings. abandonment alone He abruptly stops the music and calls the instrumentalists who accompany him. Those who have stayed behind the scene for so long may have been waiting for such a moment. We have seen that Kabir likes to kill. He started singing again. Suman looked like he was singing in his own living room. In a very family atmosphere. And those who are in front of him, they are all very close to his heart! With everyone as his Mithali!

At one point in the song, the whole room is filled with darkness and the light is focused only on Suman! Suman asked to change this lighting immediately. Sumon’s voice was asking to be able to sing seeing the faces of the audience. At his simple request, all the lights in the room were turned on. Suman’s relief returned. I have seen this quality or technique of keeping the audience in their own backyard with particular importance in very few artists.

Suman played one song after another. He also told the story behind the song. The mesmerized audience saw the viewer cower further. To feel Suman with a fresher and softer touch! Suman suddenly stopped in the middle of the song. He began to tell another story. The story of his life. Suman finds a relationship with the river which stops the song and floats the behula on a raft. Suman rides home as if riding Behula’s raft. every day Just before the party! Hear the story of the distance between his own house and the river! Ghor is created by the interaction of myth and time. Frequent Suman Jee guarded all the time.

The desire to stay among the people has not fallen, in this concert in Dhaka? “There will be no more money one day. The work will remain.’-That is the eternal truth. However, two years ago Kabir Suman spoke differently. Maybe out of pride. He published the will. There he clearly stated in Bengali that after his death all his creations and memories should be destroyed! Is it possible to destroy the creation that has spread through the brains of millions of people! Such a question was also raised that day. Or not standing? Suman returned to Dhaka on Friday evening in artistic style. Forget pride. As if to say for everyone, he wants to stay in the minds with the music. Even if he is not there, his creations are owned by people. What desire in that voice!

“An evening is lost in everyday life. Without love or revolution.’ – a reality or a sign hung in a dispassionate way on their virtual bio. In the meantime, most of us are confused. A few good evenings have become a godsend for citizens who live in the whirlwind of personal occupations or regrets! Suman was overwhelmed by love or illusion. What are the next evening meals! Although Suman promised, he will return to this Bengal!

Photo: Mahboub Alam


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