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Seeing Jaya, he said, look away


Seeing Jaya, he said, look away

Jaya Ahsan is the beloved actress of two Bengali audiences. Even though she is busy acting, this actress is very active on social media. Jaya posted some of her photos on Facebook and Instagram late Friday night (November 11). Which diffuses heat on the Internet.

In these images, the hair on the head is left in two parts. A chain with a medallion adorns the neck. Wear orange clothes. Kajal in the eyes. Lipstick on the lips. The light of the form falls directly from the face. Jaya’s expression in each image impressed netizens. Fans react by commenting. One of them wrote – “Close your eyes”.

Fans and well-wishers found a completely different Jaya Ahsan in these films. So we want to know who framed these photos; Someone praised and said no actress from Bangladesh can maintain her glamor and fitness like this. All the best for Jaya. Un Farid wrote: “Prettier than anyone in Bollywood. Another wrote, ‘Evergreen.’

Jaya Ahsan captioned the footage – “Embrace the silence around you and stay calm.” Nothing is known of when or where these photographs of Jaya were taken. However, these stills posted by Jaya Ahsan have received over 38,000 reactions as of this afternoon. About 8,000 commented. And the shares were about 800.

Jaya’s claim is that she is 39 years old. But his impression did not fall on the face at all. On the contrary, the young heroines of this generation are easily overcome by her physical beauty. So internet users are surprised to see Jaya in these new films. One wrote: ‘How is this possible?’ Some say, “Jaya is like a bonsai. Many comments of this type are circulating on the Internet.

Jaya’s latest film is “Beauty Circus”. Jaya played the lead role in this film directed by Mahmud Didar. Apart from this, some of his films are awaiting release in West Bengal.

Jaya’s first film “Bachelor” was released in 2004. Bilkis played the role of Banu in the film ‘Guerrilla’ and was highly praised. After this actress, the film ‘Chorabali’ was also appreciated. It has won the National Film Award four times so far. Jaya came to public attention by starring in Opar Bengal films. He has received several awards in recognition of his work. This list includes – Filmfare, Anandalok Awards, etc.


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