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Seminar on Bangladeshi Movies on OTT Platform

Seminar on Bangladeshi Movies on OTT Platform

OTT platforms are the hot topic of the moment in the cultural field. OTT comes as a savior when movies take a big hit due to lack of movie theaters, excess of scandals in film industry.

Speakers said these things at the seminar titled “Bangladeshi Films on OTT Platform” held at the Bangladesh Film Archive on Wednesday. Lecturer and researcher from the Bangladesh Press Institute, Shubo Karmakar, presented the lead article of the seminar.

In a discussion on the article “Bangladeshi Films on OTT Platform”, eminent actress Rokeya Prachi said that OTT is a promising field in Bangladesh. In the future, movies will lead to Bangladesh via OTT. Censorship of OTT movies needs to be discussed or clarified.

Redwan Roni, executive director of Charki and filmmaker who oversaw the research, said it is possible to earn currency through OTT. For this, OT must be supported. Its policy can be discussed. OTT policies should be made in Bangladesh keeping in mind the global OTT business platform. This policy must not conflict with the overall policy.

Today’s popular director and producer Raihan Rafi said audiences were created through OTT during Covid. Currently, so many people come to the cinema, all of them watch OTT content. New creators are emerging around the OTT. It should not be hampered by censorship or regulation.

The Managing Director of Bangladesh Film Archive presided over the event. Nizamul Kabir. Dr. Director of Archives welcomed the discussion. Maryland Mofakharul Iqbal. Actress Moushumi Hamid, filmmakers and researchers also participated in the discussion.

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