Sensational information leaked about Sanjay Kapoor’s married life


Sensational information leaked about Sanjay Kapoor’s married life

Entertainment desk: Sanjay Kapoor’s career hasn’t gone as well as his brother Anil Kapoor’s, but he’s always been the talk of Bollywood and Maheep Kapoor, Nilam Kothari, Seema Kiran Sajde and Bhavana Pandey are all set to offer a new season. from their Netflix. show the fabulous lives of Bollywood brides.

The show is mainly based on the personal lives of the wives of Bollywood stars. Ahead of the premiere of this show, actor Sanjay Kapoor’s wife, Maheep Kapoor, revealed a shocking fact about her husband. Not only that, she accused her husband of cheating.

We inform you that Mahip and Sanjay Cloth have been married for over 25 years and have a daughter and a son. However, after 25 years of marriage, actor Sanjay Kapoor’s wife spoke about her personal life.

He made this big announcement from the stage of the reality show. She directly stated that she was the victim of infidelity on the part of her husband at the beginning of the marriage. In fact, Seema was talking about it with Mahip on that occasion. At that time, when the topic came up, he talked about his personal life in front of everyone.

Also, in an interview with India Today, she said a few days ago that it was very difficult for her to reveal her personal life on the show. However, he tried to show the real side through this reality show. Furthermore, he also said that after hearing this incident, women might understand that not everything is as good as it seems.

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Mahip also added that there are various events in the life of any human being. Sometimes life goes up and sometimes it goes down. Every human being has troubles in his life and the stars are not above the troubles of this life. They also have problems in their life. But it is not always possible for everyone to open all issues. It was the same between Sanjay Kapoor and his wife.

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