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Seven photos of Shakib, which one is from when?


Seven photos of Shakib, which one is from when?

Ahmed Zaman Shimul

In an interview with the media, Shakib Khan said he will produce seven films from his production company SK Films. These are “Lovers” by Raihan Rafi, “Rajkumar” and “Maya” by Himel Ashraf, “Poet” by Hasibur Reza Kallol. Besides, the name of the film of Mizanur Rahman Aryan, Sunny Sanwar and Tapu Khan has not been fixed. Shakib fans want to know when the movies will start. When will he come to the cinema?

Shakib Khan’s production company said he wanted to start filming ‘Premik’ first. The film’s co-producer, Topi Khan, told SaraBangla that they spoke about the start of filming for Shakib in the last week of November. This is how they prepare. Their goal is to release the film on one of the two Eids next year.

Cop Creation met with SK Films for a detective thriller. So that Shakib can be considered a policeman. The film will be directed by Sunny Sanwar. He told SaraBangla that there was a meeting with Shakib Khan. Two or three additional meetings with him will be necessary to explain the details to him. After that, I will discuss the schedule and other matters with him.

Shakib Khan won the National Film Award for “Best Actor” in 2017 for his role in Hasibur Reza Kallol’s “Satta”. He announced ‘Kabi’ about Shakib in 2020. Kallol told Sarabangla: “Corona started after the announcement. Then he went to America. All in all, it took so long. But we have finished pre-production. This was discussed after Shakib Khan came to the country. I will be able to give you the details very soon.

Last March, Shakib Khan performed “Rajkumar” while seated in America. Alongside SK Films, American expats Zakaria Masood and Kazi Riton serve as co-producers. American actress Courtney Coffey reportedly starred alongside Shakib. All filming was to take place there. But there was no shooting of the film until he returned home on August 17. Director Himel Ashraf told SaraBangla a few days ago that the film will be shot after Shakib Khan returns to America. There’s no reason this picture shouldn’t be.

Shakib Khan received a government grant of 65 lakh rupees for a film titled “Maya”. This film is also directed by Himel Ashraf. Pooja Cheri’s name came up in the media as the heroine of this movie. Part of his filming must be done in America. But that too would depend on Shakib’s decision.

Famous TV series director Mizanur Rahman Aryan said of the untitled film, “Shakib Khan called me after I came back from America. History is still not set in stone. I know this well because I film in its production. There was nothing more to say.

RTV Tapu Khan production produces “Leader: Friend Bangladesh” with Shakib. Then came the announcement of the making of the Tapu Khan film under the production of Shakib. About this movie, Tapu said, “I talked about the movie with Shakib. I can tell you the details in a day or two.

Analyzing the statements of the director and co-producer of seven films, it can be seen that Shakib Khan gave the program for Raihan Rafi’s “Premik” only at the present time. Also, at least three of the remaining films don’t have their scripts ready yet. In total, it will take a few years to complete the shooting of these films. Shakib Khan himself could give details on these films very soon.


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