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Shabanur actress is not recognized

Shabanur actress is not recognized

Entertainment desk: Shabnoor is the most successful actress in Bangladeshi films. The country’s film industry received one after another commercially successful films from his hands in the nineties. Acting during the Shabnoor period, Shabnoor rose to such a unique height that other heroines of her contemporaries were forced to say – she is a unique and unsurpassed heroine. Although the heroines of her contemporaries were popular, Shabnoor was the best in terms of acting.

Although the years have passed, he is still at the height of his popularity with the public. Although now he is not seen on screen. However, he regularly shares various images and thoughts with his fans via social media.

Yet on Saturday (October 29) afternoon, Facebook users suddenly discovered this heroine in a different way. This actress is currently in Australia. From there, he shared three photos on his Facebook page. Fans may not recognize him from the photos.

Where seen, Shabnoor took three selfies with his cell phone. He is not recognizable in the photos.

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A person named Sharif wrote in the photo comment room I’m surprised to see this photo of you. Please delete the image! Fatima Jahan Saki wrote, I find it hard to recognize that this is my beloved Shabnoor. If Maha Nayika can’t handle social media well then you should run it by someone else, I find it unbelievable that you are uploading these pics by yourself.

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