Shabnam Faria asked for prayers in Delhi

Shabnam Faria asked for prayers in Delhi

Actress Shabnam Faria is as sweet as the social handle on screen, but she has a tight-lipped nature! Don’t think seven or five times to share words or thoughts with everyone. For this he had to pay a lot of money, still is.

But at the end of the day, this “goddess” girl wants to live a life of her own on and off the screen. To confirm this, he spoke very easily. For example, on Saturday evening (November 26), he requested prayers by telephone from distant Delhi. His enemies and his lovers said to everyone: “Everyone pray for me. Can I return to my hometown safely soon. I can go back to work.

Shabnam Faria Because the actress is admitted to a hospital in Delhi tomorrow (November 27) after a long examination. He will be taken to the operating table the day after tomorrow. Away from surgery, he was never admitted to a hospital in his life. As a result, Shabnam is quite nervous on this trip.

He said, ‘Father was a doctor. Thus, all treatments are carried out at home. He did not need to be admitted to the hospital. But now I have to be admitted, there will be an operation. It’s really scary for me.

There is a little story behind the arrival at Delhi Hospital from the shooting unit in Dhaka. For a long time, Shabnam Faria struggled to breathe. He thought he had a heart problem. Because, earlier, his father, his mother and his older sister had heart complications. So Shabnam Faria thought the fear was heartbreaking from the start. But after consulting several doctors at home and abroad, Shabnam discovered that his heart was still 100% fresh! But there are complications in the nose!

Shabnam Faria Faria said: “I almost always had a cold. After that, for a year, I noticed that it was very difficult to breathe. As a result, I assumed it was a heart complication found in my family. As such, I have seen many cardiac specialists. Finally came to Delhi and confirmed that the problem is not cardiac but nasal. A bone in my nose is twisted. which bends gradually. The doctor said the problem would be solved if it was cut. So come here.’

After the nose operation, you have to stay in the hospital for three days. After that, he will stay with his elder sister in Delhi until December 6. Will return to Dhaka on 7th December. Because there is a lot of work.

“I have been running in the hospital since last October with this respiratory complication. As a result, many regular shoots were blocked. It also includes a web movie. Accordingly, I hope to arrive in Dhaka on December 7, rest for a few days and return to work soon. Shabnam added to Delhi’s Duralapani.

Shabnam Faria Question, will there be disturbances in the former beauty after nose surgery! Talk about an actress. He smiles cheekily. He said, “After hearing about the operation, I first asked the doctor this question. He said, no no. nothing will happen He will remain as he was.

Before entering the hospital in Delhi or getting on the operating table, do you have a message for the compatriots! No, he didn’t smile. Instead, he took the issue seriously. Shabnam Faria said: “I’m really nervous about the hospital. I know this is one of the best hospitals in Delhi. These are my sisters and nieces. My family members also came from Dhaka. Here I am from my home in Ananda. But there is the fear of hospitals. I want to pray to everyone. As if the fear was less. Overcome fear and come back. May the operation end well. Please.’ Shabnam Faria

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