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Shabnoor in three decades of travel

Shabnoor in three decades of travel

Shabnoor is the romantic heroine of Dhakai films. Whose time was spent in light camera action. Shabnoor has risen to a unique height in acting. He has given many successful films in his career. The actress has completed three decades of this career path. Shabnoor’s journey began with the hand of Ehtesham in the movie ‘Chandni Raat’.

Sabbir was opposite him in this film. The film was released on October 15, 1993. Then starred in hundreds of films. Yesterday, the actress completed 30 years of her career since the release of her first film. However, the first film was not a commercial success. Shabnoor came into the limelight with the second film “Duniyar Badsha” starring actor Amin Khan. After that, the movie ‘Tumi Amar’ directed by Zahirul Haq was released on May 22, 1994. Shabnoor teamed up with Salman Shah through this movie.

A unique chapter of this heroine begins. Shabnoor didn’t have to look back after this film. As a couple, Salman-Shabnoor became the public eye at this time. However, after Salman Shah’s untimely death in 1996, Shabnoor’s journey came to a halt somewhat. Salman committed suicide (although the family says it was a murder and the case is still ongoing). Salman fans still blame Shabnoor as well as Salman’s wife Samira for his suicide. After Salman disappeared, Shabnoor teamed up with Riaz. But it did not last. He made films with many others. But he did not regain the popularity he had gained from Salman. Although his acting charisma survived for many years. When Dhakai films were full of obscenities, this heroine bundled up. Immigrate to Australia.

Currently permanent resident there. Sansari got married. She is also the mother of a son. Sometimes he comes to the country. Tell the story of the return to cinema. But we don’t know when he will return. After three decades of career, Shabnoor said on a mobile phone from Australia: “I still have enough respect for films. I’m grateful to everyone involved from the director, producer, cinematographer, storyteller, production boy, dolly to every movie I’ve done in my acting career. A special mention should be made to my sister Jhumur. With everyone’s help, I am today’s Shabnoor. Everyone pray for me, my children and all my family.

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