Shabnoor used to call Riyaz ‘Ranga Mulo’!


Shabnoor used to call Riyaz ‘Ranga Mulo’!

Riyaz is the famous movie hero of Dhakai. The hero who won the title of Lava Boy in the late 90s established himself by playing multidimensional roles.

Wednesday (October 26) is his birthday.

Riyaz was born on October 26, 1972. This popular actor in the country celebrated the 50th year of his life on Wednesday. Many wished him the birthday of his beloved hero. Family, loved ones, fans and colleagues congratulate him.

Shabnoor acted in several films with Riyaz. Almost all of them are popular and successful businesses. Riaz is still acting but Shabnoor is not. I have lived in Australia for a long time. From there, he wished Riyaz his birthday via a Facebook post.

On his Facebook page, Shabnoor said Riyaz was so cute that Shabnoor called him “Ranga Mulo”.

In a post Wednesday night, Shabnoor wrote, “Happy Birthday Riaz.” Remember, when you first appeared in the movie, I named you Ranga Mulo. Because you were very cute! You will be such a color to me forever!’

He also wrote, “I’ve done countless romantic movies together!” We have so many memories!

Referring to an incident from many memories, Shabnoor writes, “I was shooting the song ‘Manna Na Dile Hai Ki Prem Tai’ outside a hotel in Cox’s Bazar! Near my feet was a poisonous snake that I didn’t notice. and that you did not tell me because I was very afraid of snakes! You finished the shot by pressing the snake with your foot and the whole incident was unknown to me! After giving the shot, I ran in fear as soon as I found out. You have so many more fun memories with you!

As the writing finished, Shabnoor wished Riyaz lots of love and good luck on his birthday. He said, “Always be good.”

Riaz began his career in the Air Force. From there, Nayak Riaz made his debut in 1995 through the film ‘Banglar Nayak’ from the hand of the late Nayak Jaseem. In 1997, he became a popular hero with the movie ‘Pran Chey Priya’ directed by Mohammad Hannan.

After that, Riaz gained popularity by associating with Shabnoor. When this pair broke up due to various reasons, he also teamed up with Purnima and achieved great success.

During his long career, Riaz gave ‘Nari Man’, ‘Bier Phul’, ‘Ei Man Chaai Je’, ‘Hridyer Ayana’, ‘Praan Thani Thani’, ‘Premer Tajmahal’, ‘Swapner Basar’, ‘O Priya Tumi Where’, ‘Bond of Heart’, ‘Dui Dwari’, ‘Working Girl’, ‘Shyamal Chaya’, ‘Cinnamon Island’, ‘Shushurbari Zindabad’, ‘Sabdhan’, ‘You in My Mind’, ‘Katha of Heart’, ‘Khabardar’, ‘Lal Daria’, ‘Milan Hobe Kaddine’, ‘Shasti’, ‘Ki Jaadu Karila’, ‘Hazaar Baar Dare’, ‘Pagal Torayi’ and many successful and acclaimed movies.

Apart from this, Riaz also starred in an English film by Indian filmmaker and actor Mahesh Manjrekar titled “It was raining last night”. He was also seen in several co-production films with Calcutta. Among which the success of the film ‘Maner Megh Tumi’ is worth mentioning.

Nayak Riyaz was the beloved of the late renowned fiction writer and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed. Riyaz was seen in the movies ‘Dui Dooari’, ‘Shyamal Chaya’ by this director. Also, Riaz acted in many Humayun Ahmed dramas.

Riaz has also been seen in several quality commercials during his acting career. Riyakage has also been recognized as a successful presenter at many events including National Film Awards, BTV’s Anand Mela.

Wasn’t in movies for a long time. After breaking this break, he again appeared on the screen with the film “Operation Sundarban”. Here, the public saw him as an RAB officer. Apart from this, Riyaz played the lead role in a movie called “Radio” directed by Ananya Mamun.

He has received the National Film Best Actor Award three times for his performance in films. The movies are – ‘Dui Duari’ (2000), ‘Daruchini Dweep’ (2007) and ‘Ki Jaadu Karila’ (2008).

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