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Shah Rukh is the fourth richest actor in the world

Shah Rukh is the fourth richest actor in the world

World of Statistics has published a list of the richest celebrities in the world. Their tweets show that Shahrukh Khan is number 4 out of 8 in this list. According to the listing, his net worth is $770 million.

Jerry Seinfeld tops the list with a billion dollar fortune. The second and third are Tyler Perry and Dwayne Johnson.

Tom Cruise is on the list after Shahrukh. Its property amount is 620 million. Other than that, the list includes Jackie Chan, George Clooney, and Robert De Niro.

Shah Rukh Khan’s most expensive purchase to date is his Mumbai home, Mannat.

The actor once said on a radio show, I was married when I came to Mumbai. I lived with Gauri in a small apartment. My mother-in-law said you live in such a small house!

He said, when I finally saw Mannat, I thought it was Kuthi of Delhi. That’s why I bought it and it’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought.

Meanwhile, Shahrukh’s popular film ‘Pathan’ will be released on January 25. Although there are still a lot of reviews about this movie in the net world and in Bollywood.

Before the release of the film, the king of Bollywood must be very bitter about it. During this time, one of the songs from the film became very popular. Recently, the trailer for “Pathan” was shown at the Burj Khalifa exhibition in Dubai, UAE.

It can be said that Shah Rukh Khan is at the top of the talks right now. But there is no doubt that the new year will bode well. Because we know that 9 films by this actor will be released in theaters this year and next year. Pathan is released on January 25. South director Atlee’s film “Jawaan” will be released on June 2.

Rajkumar Hirani and producer Gauri Khan will offer the public a film called “Danki” this year. Salman Khan’s “Tiger 3” will be released this year. We will see Shah Rukh Khan play a small role in it. It has been reported in Indian media that the Hindi version of the movie “Hey Ram” will be completed this year.

Shah Rukh Khan will play the lead role in this film. The movie ‘Operation Khukri’ directed by Ashutosh will be released this year. Shahrukh Khan will be seen in the lead role. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film “Izhaar” will be released this year. Shimit Keti is going to direct a movie this year. It is said that Shahrukh Khan will act there.

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