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Shah Rukh Khan couldn’t please his wife on the first night of the wedding

Shah Rukh Khan couldn’t please his wife on the first night of the wedding

From the acting skills of the stars to their personal lives in the glamorous world of Bollywood, everything is becoming the center of attention for netizens. A very important and influential player in this city of Bali is Shah Rukh Khan. People who don’t know Shah Rukh, the king of romance, might consider India as territory. The popularity of this star is no less in the country and abroad. He became King Khan of Shahrukh Khan for millions by acting magnificently in several Hindi movies.

There is nothing new to say about Shah Rukh Khan fans. This actor has a lot of following fans across the borders of the country and abroad. Especially the girls go crazy for the romantic magic of this actor. But the actor lives a very happy life with his wife Gauri Khan. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan got married on October 25, 1951. But recently, in an interview, some things were revealed that you will be surprised to hear.

Shah Rukh Khan appeared in an interview with Gauri Khan and said he still regrets the first night of their marriage. He couldn’t please his wife the first night. In fact, the story is a little different. Shah Rukh Khan entered the acting career during the marriage.

Hema Malini called Shah Rukh Khan to the film sets on the first night of the wedding. Around this time, Shahrukh Khan was going to film sets with his wife as he was doing a new act. Then after a whole day of waiting, the shooting took place at night. By the time this shooting ended, the night had passed. Shah Rukh Khan’s new wife, Gauri Khan, had to stay in a small room during filming. King Khan still regrets this incident.

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