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Shah Rukh talked about his monthly income

Shah Rukh talked about his monthly income

Before the release of Bollywood king Shahrukh’s film “Pathan”, “Ask SRK” returned to the limelight. Many already know Shahrukh’s favorite sport. King Khan himself responded when asked about this hashtag on Twitter.

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Not only ordinary people in this game but often Bollywood stars also write questions or comments for Shahrukh. And the King of Bollywood responded to them in his own way.

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The conversation was about “sending”. Suddenly a question was asked to ‘Ask SRK’ by King Khan, how much does Shah Rukh Khan earn in a month? As the saying goes, “It’s not fair to ask someone directly what their income is”. But he is Shahrukh Khan. He answers questions in his own style.

In response to this tweet, Shahrukh writes: “I receive endless love”. everyday.’ Shah Rukh basically means: “The love of his fans is his monthly income”.

The much-discussed “Pathan” comes out this month. Audiences have a lot of excitement around this movie starring Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham.

On the other hand, during the Q&A session, a fan asked “Why does Alia call you SR?” What Alia said in her response has gone viral, on the contrary, the actress who recently became a mother has been given a new name of King Khan.

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In response to the fan’s tweet, the actor wrote, “It could mean sweet and romantic or maybe senior and respected or maybe just Shahrukh.” In response to this, Alia wrote on Twitter what the name “SR” means. He said: “It means a lot of sweetness and respect. But from January 25, I will change this name to call you Pathan. Am I not creative?

Meanwhile, Shahrukh fans are waiting to see King Khan’s much talked about film ‘Pathan’ in theaters.


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