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Shah Rukh was not the first choice for the film ‘Baazigar’, the director wanted to take these two superstars


Shah Rukh was not the first choice for the film ‘Baazigar’, the director wanted to take these two superstars

Entertainment desk: If the names of some films are written in gold letters in the history of Bollywood cinema, one of them will be the romantic thriller genre film “Baazigar”. The milestone that Shah Rukh created with this film at the start of his career is still appreciable.

One can only admire the courage he showed in leaving the shell of the king of romance to embody a completely different character at the very beginning of his career! In the film, Shah Rukh skillfully portrayed various aspects of the character of “Ajay Sharma” aka “Bikki Malhotra” on the big screen. But do you know that in the beginning Shahrukh was not considered for this role?

In fact, when the concept for the film was created, Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman was considered for the role. But at that time, Salman rejected ‘Baazigar”s offer as he was busy with other projects. Then this film was offered to Anil Kapoor. But seeing the negative character, he made it clear to the director that he did not want to make this kind of film.

Because Anil was in the middle of his career at that time and he felt that this kind of negative character might not be taken well by the public. Abbas-Mustan got into big trouble after being rejected by two consecutive actors. This time, while they were looking for another actor, they were looking for an actor from the Fauz series.

He became known to the public thanks to the Fauj series. There were a lot of insults. One of his co-actors, Amrit Patel, introduced him to Abbas-Mastan. But do you know who the actor is? He is none other than the legendary King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan.

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At that time, who knew that this boy from the series would one day shake Bollywood! Abbas-Mustan presented the proposal for this film to Shahrukh following Amrita’s words. Shahrukh wants to hear the movie script from them first. After hearing the script, Shah Rukh accepted the film. And then the story happens. The cheers of the audience in the room indicate where the film is.

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