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Shahed Ali. Daily Star Bangla

Shahed Ali. Daily Star Bangla

Shahed Ali. Star file photo


Shahed Ali. Star file photo

Shahed Ali is a popular actor of this era. Web movies, TV series, plays, films – it will play in all mediums. The actor has been making news for years with his acting in web movies. Currently acting in the movie Lal Saree. In addition, the promotion of a new series has started. He will return to the stage with a new piece this week.

He has acted in various roles in web movies, movies, and dramas. What role has not yet been played?

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As an actor, he didn’t play many roles. I haven’t played a female role yet. I haven’t played the sailor role yet. I haven’t played the role of a farmer or a teacher yet. I didn’t do the architecture character. I want to play in these roles.

How would you rate yourself as an actor out of 100?

I miss my performance, I’m not prepared. Errors are visible. Sometimes I think it could have been better. I think it would have been better if it was more natural. I won’t rate myself for that.

Webb has been in the limelight over the years for starring in movies, how do you see that?

Look very positively. I’m an actor and I try to act from my heart. When the director calls me for a character, I do my best to become that character. The casting of the directors depends on me, it feels good.

Is there a character that has been with you for a long time?

Yes, many characters lived in me. Kaiser’s bullet character lived with me. The Muslim character of the refugee lived with me. The same goes for the character of Kainya Pir in the play Kainya. Babu’s character in the film Udhao has long been remembered. There are many other characters like this, who lived on in me after I finished.

Working for a long time, how much professionalism has developed in our showbiz?

Professionalism has not developed. There are various problems. It’s a big problem. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Awareness is also necessary, it is lacking. Most people don’t know or understand what production is. Play involves a lot. There is a need for professionalism.

Always on stage, since when is the relationship to the stage?

I have been working on stage since 1997. Prachyanat is my theater group. I played in many plays for this team. A new oriental drama production will be launched soon. I hope to act. I play in oriental dramas Circus Circus, Kainya, Raja and others, A Man for All Seasons, Dari Khel. The scene is anchored in my head. I will work here.

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