Shahnaz has trained 2,000 women

Shahnaz has trained 2,000 women

Shahnaz’s talent for cooking is genetically inherited from his mother. After the wedding, all the in-laws admired her cooking. Shahnaz’s husband was also very encouraging. Then gradually he started taking professional cooking classes in different places. She once started training women in baking and cooking from her own home. At some point, the chef got to know the housewives.

I am talking about Shahnaz Islam, daughter of Lalbagh in old Dhaka. Who has already participated in various cooking competitions and received prizes. Currently, he is the familiar face of the TV channel’s cooking show.


Shahnaz participated in the “Malaysian Palm Oil Best Chef 2016” and became the division champion and sixth nationally. Then became the champion of ‘Pran Ghee Heritage Scent Season 17’. Since 2015, he has worked regularly as a food artist on Bangla Vision’s popular cooking show “Our Kitchen”.

Apart from that, he does cooking shows on various TV channels in the country. In 2017, she participated in cooking shows on popular Indian channels Zee Bangla and Aakash. Currently, she regularly hosts a cooking show called “Danish Full Cream Milk Powder Dessert Kitchen”.


Shahnaz has worked as a cooking expert with popular brands such as Pran Jhotpat Frozen Food, Rani Gura Masala, All Time, Samsung Microwave, Ahmed Food and Rupchanda.

From 2014, Shahnaz also started a catering business called “Shahnaz Kitchen”. Apart from that, there is a YouTube channel called “Shahnaz Kitchen Magic”. Where he shares new recipes.

Currently, he writes recipes for various national newspapers and magazines in the country. In addition, since 2014, he has participated in cooking shows on various television channels. Shahnaz worked as a head trainer at ACE Hospitality Management Institute. Currently working as a Cooking Instructor and Chef Trainer in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at New Model Degree College.


Shahnaz completed the Professional Chef Food and Beverage Course and Bangladesh Technical Education Board Course and works there as an assessor in the bakery profession. Apart from that, he was Ahmed Baking Expert, Coulson Macaroni Cooking Competition and Rani Gura Masala ‘Baishakhi Food Competition-2018’ and ‘Rupchanda Super Chef-2019’ first as Regional and then as Chief Judge .

Shahnaz said, “I think a reality show can change a person’s life. If he wins or loses. There’s no point in becoming a champion on a reality show unless there’s love for the job. With my work and my efforts, one day, I will be able to become great. If I respect work and value time. I will say all the same, by participating in various competitions sometimes lost sometimes won. I have learned a lot in life and thanks to that, my path to success has become much easier.


During the 2020 book fair, Shahnaz released a book titled ‘Adi Dhakaya Khanapina’ from Time Publications on Dhaka’s 400-year-old food history. The book has also been translated into English. Apart from that, he has released another book titled “Machbhog” in collaboration with US Aid (World Fish) at Book Fair 2021.

Since 2013, Shahnaz has trained over two thousand women in cooking, baking and pastry of various cuisines through online and her culinary institute. Among them, a hundred destitute and underprivileged girls benefited from free training. Many of them are now self-sufficient. He created an organization called “Nakshatra Nari Sangathan” with these female entrepreneurs.

Shahnaz believes that women are neither a burden nor a burden. These women will succeed and play an important role in the economy of the family and the country.


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