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Shahrukh Khan | shah rukh khan responds to a fan why he is not promoting pathaan dgtl

Shahrukh Khan | shah rukh khan responds to a fan why he is not promoting pathaan dgtl

The Khan family have been “torn apart” by controversy in recent years. Shah Rukh Khan didn’t even want to face the media before ‘Pathan’ came out. Instead, he clashed with more and more everyday people during the “Ask Me Anything” session from his social media profile. Answered all questions. Kanyakumari from Kashmir to Pathan Jadute since his release. It crossed the 300 crore mark in just 3 days. Which is a precedent in Indian cinema. After seeing the success of the film, they again confronted the fans with their “pathan”. Why did Shahrukh refrain from promoting the film! The actor replied.

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Photograph of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan.

Ranveer-Alia’s ‘Pathan’ Celebration In ‘Mannat’, Here’s The Video

'Stay away from politics', Kangana warns Bollywood over 'Pathan' success

‘Stay away from politics’, Kangana warns Bollywood over ‘Pathan’ success

Badshah was seen again on Twitter on Saturday. The actor was seen in good spirits with his fans. Jamey chatted. There, a fan asked, “There’s no pre-release promotion of the movie, no interview, after that there’s just Pathan’s roar.” SRK also gave a clever answer to the fan’s question. He said, “King of the Jungle (Linga) is giving an interview! So I thought I’d take a look in the jungle.” In 2023, at the start of the entertainment world, the success of “Pathan” brought smiles to the faces of Hindi film producers and directors.

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