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Shajahan Khan in the movie!


Shajahan Khan in the movie!

Shajahan Khan, a member of the Bangladesh Awami League presidium, former shipping minister and labor leader, signed his name in the film.

His path follows that of Obaidul Quader, another senior leader of the same party. Many people know that the feature film “Gangchil” about Ferdous-Purnima was made based on the novel “Gangchil Bhalobasa” by Secretary General of Bangladesh Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges. Also, this time a feature film “Joy Banglar Dhabni” is being made based on the story of Shajahan Khan.

KM Khurshed produces this film with Nirav-Sunerah. The filming of the film begins from October 20. On that day, Shajahan Khan himself will be present and will talk about the film with the media. On this day, the storyteller can tell more surprising news about the film. That’s what the hero says quietly.

In this regard, Nirav told the Bangla Tribune, “I spoke twice on the phone with Vaiyar (Shajahan Khan) about this movie.” There was no possibility of speaking directly. However, he comes to the Mahrat ceremony on the 20th. Speak directly with everyone about his story that day. There will be other surprises. That’s what the producer told me.

Over a career spanning a decade and a half, the hero Nirav still prefers new couples. In this sequel, Sunerah Binte Kamal of “No Dorai” fame has joined the ranks of Nirva’s heroines. He also won the National Film Award thanks to this film.

Ferdous-Purnima, the hero-heroine of his film with Obaidul Quader Based on the story of Shajahan Khan, the film is based on the war of liberation. Another top Bangladesh Awami League leader and legendary actor Asaduzzaman Noor will play the role of Razaka.

The film ‘Joy Banglar Dhvani’ received a government grant in the financial year 2021-22. The director received a grant of 60 lakhs for its construction.

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