Shakib-Bubli divorced 8 months ago! Announced at any time

Shakib-Bubli divorced 8 months ago! Announced at any time

Entertainment desk: Shakib Khan and Shabnam Bubli are the most talked about among Dhakai’s movie stars. Two and a half years after the rumors of having a child, they have openly admitted the affair.

On September 30 at noon, Bubli posted photos of her son on her verified Facebook. Where Shakib Khan is also with his son. Say the name of the son. After 20 minutes, Shakib Khan posted a photo of his son Shehzad Khan Vir on his Facebook. But Bubli wasn’t in the photo of Shakib’s post. Therefore, many people think Shakib-Bubli’s relationship is not good even though the child issue is made public.

However, there were rumors of their divorce before. Although these two stars haven’t opened their mouths about it.

On October 3, Bubli said on her verified Facebook page that on July 20, 2018, she got married to popular Dhakai movie hero Shakib Khan. Their child Shehzad Khan Bir was born on March 21, 2020.

But now we know that the rumors of their divorce are also true. English outlet The Daily Star reported that Shakib Khan and Bubli split 8 months ago, citing multiple sources close to them.

The Daily Star said any day in the future they could speak to the public about the issue.

Earlier, Bubli caused a stir by posting a picture of her “baby bump” on Facebook. In the caption of the photo, Bubli wrote: “Me with my life”. Then lots of love emojis. The hashtag above reads: “Throwback America”.

Bubli said in response to reporters’ questions about the matter that he would clear up the matter in a few days.

Bubli said: “There are some things. I’m a Muslim so I’ll just say everything that happened to us happened very decently, everything that happened socially…. Please don’t spread nothing bad and I ask for a few days. I’ll clear up the matter in a few days.

He said: “It’s a very sensitive issue for me. If I have a few more days, I can call everyone and kindly explain to them.

Shabnam Bubli has been in hiding for a long time since February 2020. At that time there were rumors that the mother had become an actress.

Then it went public in January 2021. He claimed that at that time, the actress studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in the United States.

Previously, Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas broke up on February 22, 2018. They have a son named Abram Khan Joy in their 10-year-old family.

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