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Shakib Khan is not going to the United States – Channel i Online


Shakib Khan is not going to the United States – Channel i Online

Superstar Shakib Khan returned home on August 17 after staying in the United States for nine months. On the occasion of his return home, thousands of fans gave him a royal welcome at Dhaka airport. However, it was rumored for a few days that Shakib Khan would again fly to the United States to attend an awards ceremony.

But a source has confirmed to Channel I Online that Shakib Khan will be busy shooting a new movie in the country which is why he won’t be going to the US for the time being.

The source said Shakib told organizers a few days ago that he would not be going to the United States. Several attempts were made to contact Shakib for his comment on not going to America, but this was not possible.

Although Shakib Khan did not go to the United States, Tahsan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Eman, Faria Shahreen, producer Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Raj, Mehjabeen, Tasnia Farin, Tanzin Tisha, Pooja Cheri, Ziaul Haque Palash and others are going to the United States from Dhaka on October 13 to participate in the awards ceremony.

‘Veeratva’ hero Eamon told Channel i Online that Shakib Bhaiyya will not be going to the United States. He told me a few days ago not to go to the United States. As far as I know, he’s going to start working on a new movie. That’s why he’s busy. So this time, he’s not going. Last time we were together for three days at Shakib Bhai’s in the United States. The two brothers had a great time chatting. I will miss my brother very much.

Shakib Khan fired TVC after returning from the United States. On Saturday, he participated in the filming of his film ‘Leader Amii Bangladesh’.

Shakib Khan had already completed the work for this film directed by Tapu Khan. Only the music remained. The manufacturer said that Leader will be released this year.


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