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Shakib Khan is the hero of Shabana’s film

Shakib Khan is the hero of Shabana’s film

Shabana is a very popular actress in Dhakai movies. He was kept away from movies for almost two decades. However, this actress and her husband, the famous film producer Waheed Sadiq, are returning to film production. They will produce the film in co-production with India. Bangladeshi Shakib Khan will be the hero of this film and Bollywood actress Kajal or Vidya Balan will be the heroine. This is what Wahid Sadiq told the media.

Kolkata-based filmmaker Rajeev Kumar Biswas is set to produce the film. And it is said that there will be a producer from Bangladesh. The story and script of the film are written by the producer himself.

Waheed Sadiq said that Bollywood needed a Bengali heroine because of the story and that character would be a bit older. So currently I think of these two heroines. Going to Kolkata on January 16. Only then will I finalize the heroin issue with producer Rajeev Kumar.

He also said, at the same time, that I will finalize the name of the film and make the official announcement of the film in Dhaka at a grand ceremony. The film will be shot in Bangladesh, India and the United States. Artists and entertainers from both Bengals will also act in this film.

Waheed Sadiq said the film will be released worldwide by the end of this year. However, Shabana will not star in this film. He will only remain as a producer.

Shabana and Waheed Sadiq left the film world around 1997 and emigrated to the United States. After that, the film was rumored to be in production several times, but was never seen due to environmental conditions. However, they are returning to production as Dhaka’s film industry is revitalized. Shabana’s film production company ‘SS Production’ is said to be regular in film production again through this film.

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