Shakib Khan’s birthday present to Bubli


Shakib Khan’s birthday present to Bubli

(55 minutes ago) Monday 21 November 2022, 11:32

Dhallywood actress Shabnam Bubli’s birthday was yesterday. Bubli was also busy shooting the movie that day. Even after the day was special, he shot without spending time with his family. He said, there is no regret about it. Because everyone knows me from the movie. Bubli said, here’s the funny thing. The father of Shehzad Khan Veer (Shakib Khan) will first wish me on my anniversary of these few years of relationship and marriage. That’s why he made a wish a day earlier. He did this time. Furthermore, Bubli also shared that she received a diamond gift from Shakib Khan on her birthday.

He was born in Sonaimuri, Noakhali. This heroine is studying MBA at the University of Dhaka after honors in economics. Bubli was a news anchor. He made his film debut in 2016 with the movie ‘Basgiri’. In the first film, she was opposite Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan. And he didn’t have to look back after achieving success in the first film of his career. Some of his films have become super hits.

It should be noted that on September 27, popular film actress Dhakai Shabnam Bubli posted a picture of her baby bump on social media. Then the commotion began. A few days later, the actress revealed the identity of the child’s father by posting a photo of her two-and-a-half-year-old son. Said that Shehzad Khan Vir’s father is Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan. The hero also made the son public by posting photos on social networks. This actress said on October 3 that she got married to Shakib Khan on July 20, 2018. And their son Shehzad Khan Bir was born on March 21, 2020.

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