Shakib-Pari and Zayed Khan movie director arrested

Shakib-Pari and Zayed Khan movie director arrested

Shafiq Hasan produced the film “Dhumketu” with Shakib Khan and Parimani. This director was arrested for embezzlement of eight and a half lakh taka. Police from Tejgaon Police Station arrested him at the FDC last Saturday around 8:30 p.m. The following day, Sunday, the CMM court in Dhaka ordered the defendant to be sent to jail.

Assistant Inspector (SI) of Tejgaon Police Station. Shahjahan confirmed this in the media.

It is alleged that the producer of ‘Dhumketu’ and ‘Swapn Chowya’ sold the rights to the two films in two places by making a person named Rubel the fake owner during a stay abroad. Later, when the matter came to light, TV rights buying channel ATN Bangla filed a fraud complaint against Shafiq. The police arrested him in this case.

Tejgaon Police Station Deputy Inspector Shahjahan said on Wednesday evening that Shafiq Hasan had been arrested in a money fraud case. A month ago, an official from the private television channel ATN Bangla filed a complaint against producer Shafiq Hasan, Mahmudur Rahman Rubel, his wife Tamanna Akhtar and Mehdi Hasan Sohag. Shafiq Hasan was arrested at the FDC around 8:30 p.m. Saturday. The next day he was questioned in court. He was then sent to prison.

Besides ‘Dhumketu’ with Shakib Khan, Parimani, he is the director of the film ‘Bahaduri’. Zayed Khan is the hero of this film. He announced the production of several films including ‘The Advisor’ with Parimani, ‘Bidrohi Nazrul’ with Shakib Khan and ‘Butter-The Fraud’ with heroine Adhara Khan.

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