Shakib still holds the key to saving mainstream movies: Kazi Hayat

Shakib still holds the key to saving mainstream movies: Kazi Hayat

“The government pays a lot of money every year for subsidies. If I give 20-25 crores, I will try to bring half of it to the FDC. With this money, mainstream producers will make commercial films. If you do business with this money, you will return it again Let the government spend the rest of the money to make films with historical context, including history or language, the liberation war The words were spoken by the newly elected president of the association of directors and renowned producer Kazi Hayat.

This director estimates that if grants are received for 10 films each year, then 100 mainstream directors will be able to make films in 10 years.

In this context, he added, I will speak to the government officials about the issue and try to get it across. Meanwhile, Kazi Hayat spoke about the accommodation arrangement for the administrators in the election pledge.

Wanting to know his plan of action in the matter, he said, “I will tell the Minister of Public Works and the Secretary that they should give us 10 to 12 acres of land to build houses. You must write to us on the day when the price of the apartment will end in rent without charging interest. I think such a fine proposal will be accepted by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Public Works and the Secretary.

Kazi Hayat

Meanwhile, 51 films were released in the year just ended, but only a handful of films made it. There is no so-called commercial genre film in this list. Many say the age of heroism is over. Now, if the story isn’t good, audiences won’t watch this movie. However, Kazi Hayat disagreed on the matter. According to him, fame also has its price.

Kazi Hayat said, “If only Shakib Khan’s film is released in this cinema market, at least 100 closed theaters will open. When his film comes out on Eid day, millions of taka are raised before the release.’

Kazi Hayat said these things while sitting in the FDC Producers and Distributors Association office with another producer named Swapan Chowdhury on social media Facebook and YouTube.

At that time, he also said, “I don’t want to name anyone, but it’s true that where the other heroes are 10, Shakib alone is 100!” Shakib’s film will sell over Rs 1 crore on YouTube channel, TV and OTT rights outside the cinema.

Kazi Hayat, who has seen Shakib for a long time, says firmly in light of his experience: “The key to saving mainstream movies is still in Shakib’s hands. If Shakib’s movie is released outside of Eid, the producer gets an advance of Tk 50 lakh to Tk 75 lakh for sure. Which no one else does. It should be noted that Kazi Hayat’s latest film “Joy Bangla” was released on VE Day.

Bappi and Zahara Mitu were seen in the lead roles in the film. Kazi Hayat produced the film against the backdrop of the liberation war with a government grant.

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