Shakib understood Bubli’s request after moving abroad


Shakib understood Bubli’s request after moving abroad

Shabnam Bubli was a television journalist. After that, folk hero Shakib Khan entered the world of money. In 2016, Bubli made her heroine debut in Dhallywood with the movie “Basgiri”.

A song from this movie is ‘Dil Dil Dil’. It recently surpassed 100 million views on YouTube. Which is a milestone in Dhaka film music. Interestingly, this is the first song performed by Bubli. So he’s a bit more excited about the song’s success than others.

Bubli expressed some of that excitement Tuesday, September 6, on Facebook Live. He also recounted the experience of filming the song. The actress said that this song was shot in Thailand. But there was not enough time to prepare. So the work had to be done quickly.

The entire unit, including Shakib-Bubli, shot in extreme heat. Reminiscing about the past, Bubli said: “Those who have been to Thailand know what the weather is like there. So hot that the skin burns! We fired at dawn. After a while, the production team gave juice, fruit to eat. But when I go somewhere outside the country, I eat the local food, with rice and green peppers. At least once in the afternoon or at night. So during the lunch break of filming, I thought it was better to have rice and chili.

Co-artist Shakib Khan understood Bubli’s desire. So he told the heroine’s production team, “Madame thinks she’ll need some rice and green chilies.” Otherwise, the cracker will keep its mouth swollen like a fish.

Hearing such words from Shakib, the fire unit immediately burst into laughter. But for bubli, cold rice is also arranged.

Thanking fans for their love, Bubli said, “In fact, we have very few funny memories behind each work. The pain is over. This pain is worth your love.

Notably, the movie ‘Basgiri’ was directed by Shamim Ahmed Roni. After this film, Shakib Khan and Bubli teamed up in nine more consecutive films. Now, however, the two are working with different artists.

Bubli Facebook Live:

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