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Shakibiyan’s excesses with senior stars – Dainik Amader Shomoy


Shakibiyan’s excesses with senior stars – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Shakib Khan, (top left) cinematographer Alamgir, Ilyas Kanchan, Runa Laila and Kabri. Photo: Collected

Dhakai movie superstar Shakib Khan. He has many fans and visitors at home and abroad. This star has given many commercially successful films to Bengali cinema. However, recently, discussions and criticisms have taken place throughout the film industry on the question of Shakib-Bubli. In the meantime, many people in the showbiz arena have talked about Shakib’s marriage and kept it a secret.

Recently, besides Shakib-Bubli, popular actresses Parimoni, Shariful Raj, Anant Jalil, Varsha, Nazifa Tushi, Mahia Mahi have also come under fire for various incidents. But after a few days it seems to have been covered. And since the fans and supporters of these artists did not raise the issues, the slander also stopped. But Shakib fans are marching in the opposite direction. Shakibiyans are now exaggerating even the country’s senior Shojib artists.

Shakibians are talking about legendary movie stars after Shakib-Bubli’s marriage was revealed. He has drawn many talented star weddings. The names of the late actress Sarah Begum Kabri, known as “Mishti Mayi”, actor Alamgir, late actor Jaseem, famous singer Runa Laila from the subcontinent, actor Ilyas Kanchan, Subarna Mustafa, OP Karim, Bijri Barkatullah, Mumtaz and many other senior star performers are not left out in this list. The names of popular stars of that time have not been forgotten.

Recently, a post by Shakibiyan made the rounds on social media. The post that started – Many stars in Bangladesh besides Shakib Khan have multiple marriages, but why so much criticism about Shakib? After that, the names of 2, 3, 4 married artists were drawn.

Then various things were written referring to the marriage of senior artists in different statuses. One wrote: ‘Alamgir, Jasim, Elias Kanchan, Shakeel Khan, Humayun Faridi, Rajeev got married twice too! Today, it would seem that all the men of the country, except Shakib Khan, passed in the line of Oli Auliya! The son of a father’s third wife also abuses Shakib Khan today. The son of a divorced woman also abuses Shakib Khan today! They didn’t even think where they were. Shakib Khan married openly or secretly… He is abused for that. It’s a personal matter. He has the right to make his own life decisions. He can’t take it, he say superstar?

Many such statuses are now circulating on Facebook on Facebook groups, pages or personal profiles of Shakibiyens. Talking to many people in the film industry about it, it was found that they had no objections to Shakib’s first and second marriages. Depending on his abilities, he can have multiple marriages (as many as his wife can support). But the way the news of her marriage was revealed was different.

Whenever he is seen, Shakib’s wives (Apu-Bubli) are the first to announce the news of marriage and children. And it’s sad to drag the names of senior artists in these activities. So many people in showbiz don’t take this business well.

Meanwhile, many media workers have already been threatened by Shakibians for publishing the news of Shakib-Bubli’s marriage and children. They even said not to publish the news. Moreover, various misinformation has been spread on Facebook about those who categorically revealed the truth.

Due to such excesses of Shakibiyan, many showbiz and journalists expressed their anger. When Shakib Khan was called in for comment on these issues, he was unavailable for comment.

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