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Shakib’s ‘Sher Khan’ will debut in February

Shakib’s ‘Sher Khan’ will debut in February

The new film ‘Sher Khan’ produced and starring superstar Shakib Khan will be made in the action thriller story of Dhumdharakka. The popular actor will play the role of a smart policeman.

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We already knew that the famous director of “Mission Extreme”, Sunny Sanwar, will direct “Sher Khan”. So far there has been a verbal agreement but no written agreement. However, the deal between Shakib Khan and producer Sunny was finalized on Thursday evening.

Sher Khan, a joint production of Shakib’s SK Films and Cop Creations, will be released at any major festival in 2023. According to sources from both production companies, filming for ‘Sher Khan’ will begin in February. The work will be completed by continuous shooting.

After the contract, director Sani Sanwar told Channel i Online that Sher Khan will have detective action, suspense, thrill and drama. As well as the unknown criminal background that occurred outside of Dhaka will be discussed. The entire movie will have an advanced technical system.

He said that Shakib Khan’s huge audience has long wanted to present him on screen in a different way. My analysis is that “Sher Khan” might be the perfect movie to satisfy their hunger.

Besides Shakib Khan, other characters from the film “Sher Khan” are also particularly important, said Sunny Sanwar.

However, Sani Sanwar, police commissioner of the counter-terrorism unit of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, would not name other performers and heroines other than Shakib.

“Let it be a bit of a surprise. No need to wait too long to find out the name of the heroine or other artists.

Regarding “Sher Khan,” Shakib Khan said that when Sunny Bhai told the story, I imagined it in front of my eyes. It’s a great event film.

Adding, said this prince of Dhakai cinema, Sher Khan’s story has humanity, administration, patriotism, criminal suspense. Also, I have seen from my long experience, sometimes the story is weak in action movies. But Sher Khan’s forte is the story. All in all, I hope Sher Khan will be an enjoyable movie.


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