Shakira, 45, in love with a young man of 24!

Shakira, 45, in love with a young man of 24!

Colombian pop singer Shakira broke up with Barcelona defender Gerard Pique a few months ago. In the meantime, new romance rumors have started with him. This time, Shakira is in love with her young 24-year-old surf instructor, Gorka Ekjurdier. Recently, they were filmed in a very intimate situation. They were seen surfing very close to each other.

However, neither has officially said anything about it yet. They may just be friends. Earlier last July, there were rumors of a romantic relationship between them. Since July, they have been spotted surfing up close on occasion.

Former Barcelona star footballer Gerard Pique and pop empress Shakira were one of the most romantic and powerful couples in the world. But disappointing everyone, the 12-year relationship of this pair of stars has broken down. PK-Shakira broke up on June 4. The Colombian singer and Barca defender has two children.

Of course, Peak is responsible for the breakup of the star couple’s relationship. He cheated on Shakira. The 2010 World Cup winning star is caught in the act by Shakira while being intimate with another woman. In this incident, Shakira traveled to the island of Ibiza with two children. Since July, the unaccompanied Shakira has been spotted occasionally with handsome surf instructor Gorka Ekjurdia.

After breaking up with Peake, Shakira was mentally broken. His influence was also in music. Around this time, a new Shakira song titled “Te Felicito” was released. As she sang, she expressed her anger towards her unfaithful lover. It was clear he was heartbroken. This handsome surf instructor took it upon himself to mend this broken heart.

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