Shakira-Pique | Shakira’s ex-partner Gerard Pique booed at dgtl awards ceremony

Shakira-Pique | Shakira’s ex-partner Gerard Pique booed at dgtl awards ceremony

The PKK must pay for the separation with Shakira! Shakira’s fans blame her for the breakup. Even his followers are no longer on his side now. And that’s why the PKK has to face ridicule everywhere. Even the awards ceremony is not left out.


PK recently attended an event in Mexico. He didn’t go in person. The former Spanish footballer was present via virtual media. But it wasn’t until Pic’s photo appeared on the giant screen that the teasing began. The audience began to whistle. The organizers were baffled. They stopped the peak video before the scheduled time.

After breaking up with Shakira, PK announced his love for Clara Chia Marti. Clara does not leave the house even after having been the lover of the ex-Spanish footballer. He is doing office work sitting at home. But why? Shakira’s name also comes up behind him. Clara hides at home because she is afraid of Shakira.

Spanish journalist Lorena Vazquez said so. He wrote in a report, Clara faces wrath from Shakira fans when she goes out on the streets. He must listen to a lot of insults. That’s why Clara doesn’t leave the house. Stay home with parents. He takes care of the office work from there. Clara, 23, doesn’t even speak to anyone outside.


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A few days ago, PK posted a photo with his girlfriend on his Instagram. He explained that Shakira is now a thing of the past. He is happy with his new lover. But everything was so simple! Spanish sports journalist Jordi Martin has said that PK regrets his split with Shakira. A month later, he was desperate for revenge against Shakira. But Shakira did not want to start this relationship again. After that, they separated.

Martin also claimed that PK had been involved with many people many times before. Shakira forgave them. But he couldn’t accept Pic’s relationship with Clara Chia Marti. Shakira decided to break up this time. PK, however, wanted to go back to Shakira this time like all the previous times. But this time, the Colombian pop star did not hold the upper hand.

The bitterness has increased since the split from PK-Shakira. Shakira criticizes her ex-boyfriend in a new song. The Colombian singer pierced PK in the song Chhatra Chhatra. Shakira’s song contains several lyrics, which many believe were written for Peake. He says: “Whoever can afford a Twingo (a low-cost car), has come to buy a Ferrari (a luxury car).” Another line says, “Can’t afford a (cheap) Casio watch, he’s going to buy a Rolex (expensive watch).” Another line says, “A werewolf woman like me is not made for a man like you.” However, PK or Clara did not open their mouths about this incident.

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