Shakira’s jabs song after song, Cassio later responds to Pic

Shakira’s jabs song after song, Cassio later responds to Pic

Shakira and Gerard Pique. Photo: Marka


Shakira and Gerard Pique. Photo: Marka

Gerard Pique and Shakira’s 11-year relationship ended in June last year. The two parted ways amicably after Pic’s new romance. Although separated, the bitterness is not over. There was mud throwing against each other. He seems to have provoked a bit more in a Shakira song that came out a few days ago.

Shakira said a lot while hitting PK to the tune of this song. You could say the whole song is a shot at PK. For whom PK left Shakira, Shakira demands a Casio watch for him and a Rolex watch for herself. The lyrics are like this – if you lose Rolex for Casio! The pop star went after Peak throughout the song.

Ever since the video for the song was released on YouTube, people are enjoying it. The record was set in just 24 hours. So far, the song has been viewed over 122 million times. It even holds the record for the most views of a Latin song uploaded to YouTube in a short time.

Shakira washed PK. It was also appreciated by the public. Barcelona’s former Spanish star hasn’t remained silent. Shakira responded with a smile. Recently, PK will launch a seven-a-side football league, sponsored by Casio.

PK showed this by coming in the video with a watch from the Japanese watchmaker. Showing the Casio watch, I can use this watch for the rest of my life. Old conflicts piled up in such a perfect punch.

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