Shakira’s song by hitting PK, making money like turning heads

Shakira’s song by hitting PK, making money like turning heads

Entertainment desk: Former Barcelona star footballer Gerard Pique broke up with his ex-girlfriend and Colombian megastar Shakira some time ago. However, the bitterness remains. Insults have become commonplace. This time, Shakira earned a huge amount of money by singing songs mocking PK. The Grammy-winning artist’s song titled “BZRP Music Sessions Volume Fifty Three” created a storm less than a week after its release. Shakira got the last laugh in the ensuing fight due to her feud with Peake. news marker
PK ShakiraShakira, 45, acrimoniously broke up with Gerard Pique, 35, last summer. PK is believed to be in a new relationship with a 23-year-old girl named Clara Shea. Shakira’s new song is basically a mockery of the pair. Its reflection is in the lyrics, “…you sold the Ferrari for the Twingo, you lost the Rolex, the Casio, you exercised a lot, but your head didn’t improve.”

Gerard Pique publicly criticized the song. However, Shakira did not suffer any damage, as can be seen in the scorer’s report. This song created a storm on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms. Has gone viral. In five days, the song has been viewed 133 million times on YouTube! The song has also been streamed 53 million times on Spotify. Plus, there are other platforms!

According to Marka’s report, Shakira has already earned US$512,000 from YouTube just by singing the song. Shakira earned $500,000 from Amazon, $360,000 from Spotify and $1.2 million from Apple Music. Its combined amount in Bangladeshi taka is around 25 crores. This amount only increases over time.

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