Shampa Reza in an eye-catching look, floating in praise


Shampa Reza in an eye-catching look, floating in praise

Shampa Reza is one of the supermodel icons of Bangladesh. Musician, actress, animator and narrator in Ekadhar. She was once a huge presence on stage and on the small screen, but we don’t see her that way anymore. However, even at this stage of his career, he retained his youthfulness. Shampa Reza is still very popular with the new generation.

But after a long time, Shampa Razor was seen again. But not on the big screen or the small screen. This multi-talented Shampa Reza appeared in a completely different outfit on social media. Shampa Reza was seen in a western look with open white hair.

Shampa Reza is seen in the picture wearing denim overalls, jamdani jacket. It has been shared countless times since it was posted on your Facebook wall. Netizens are surprised to see the pictures and also praise.

Shampa Reza is basically accustomed to wearing sarees as well as all sorts of clothes. Although he has never been seen in such a look before. As a result, many people found novelty in its different look.

Shumpa’s acting career began when he was in the 10th standard. He was highly regarded for his performance in the play “Astrotgandha” directed by Salim Al Deen. In addition to singing, modeling, directing, reciting, performing. However, he worked very selectively.

Moreover, Tanveer Ali was at the origin of this photo session, hailed by Shampa Razor in the organization of Six Yards Story. The jamdani jacket was also made by hand. Makeup was done by Larissa Fazle.


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