share instagram stories on facebook know simple steps

share instagram stories on facebook know simple steps

Currently, Facebook and Instagram are very popular social media platforms. It has many users all over the world. Keeping users in mind, this social media platform is releasing new features one after another. Although Instagram is a photo sharing platform, they have features that will make them more popular.

At the same time, users can earn from it and can use it to share different types of photos and stories. Previously, Facebook and Instagram had to be published separately. But a few days ago, Meta launched a cross-posting service on these two platforms. With this, users can share the content shared on Instagram directly to Facebook.

Instagram story sharing feature is a very popular feature among users. After 24 hours, this story is automatically deleted. But when users highlight it, that story is saved. But many people don’t know that it is possible to share this Instagram story directly to Facebook account. It is possible to share Instagram stories on your Facebook profile by adopting a very simple method. Android and iPhone users can do this very easily. Let’s take a look this way.

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To share stories on Facebook –

1 – First create your own story and click on the arrow button.

2 – Then click on the share button under this story.

3 – Then click on the button ‘Share on Facebook each time’ or ‘Share once’.

4 – Then click on the Share option.

5 – Always follow this step to automatically share all stories on Facebook.

6 – First go to your profile, click on the profile picture.

7 – Next, you need to click on the More option at the top right. Then click on the setting option.

8 – Then click on the privacy option. Then click on the story option.

9 – Next, scroll down to the sharing option and go ahead and click on the “Share your story on Facebook” option.

Share Instagram Stories to Facebook –

Keep in mind that sharing an Instagram story on Facebook will appear as a story at the top of News Feed. That is, these Instagram stories users can be seen by Facebook stories viewers. In this case, to find out who will see this story through Facebook, you must go to the “Who has seen your story” option. There you will see their Facebook profile picture and name.

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