She left the theater to follow the path of Islam, the former actress married after wearing the hijab in just two months

She left the theater to follow the path of Islam, the former actress married after wearing the hijab in just two months

bangladeshi the pulpit: Entering the world of entertainment after the lure of luxury life, money and fame. And then at some point, when the disillusion is broken, follow the path of religion. Several actors and actresses have been seen with such decisions. Not only in Bollywood, such incidents have also happened in the Bhojpuri industry. This year, Sahar Afsha said goodbye to acting to follow the path indicated by Allah. This time he also completed the Nikah.

Sahar was a famous actress in the Bhojpuri entertainment world. But last October, he said goodbye to the acting world forever. Sahar said he wanted to put himself completely on the path of Islam. The actress announced her big decision on social media.

sahar afcha

Now one more BoMother broke the city. He completed the marriage. The former actress went around wearing the hijab. He wore a red veil over the golden robe. With carefully packaged jewelry. Sahar did not forget to wear hijab even though she dressed up as a brand new bride.

He shared several photos and videos from the wedding on social media. He also wrote, “The hijab is beautiful. So make it beautiful, wear it with love, wear it with pride. And above all, always wear the hijab and wear it properly. It’s a crown. I am very happy that Allah has given me this blessing.’

Sahar wore the hijab not only during the wedding but also during the mehendi ceremony. Former actress Sana Khan was also invited to her wedding. A photo of him with the bride has also gone viral online. It is clear from Sahar that he is very happy with this decision.

Last October, Sahar announced her retirement from the entertainment world with a post on social media. He wrote: “I want to inform everyone that I have left the film industry and do not want to be associated with it”. I want to spend my life in accordance with the teachings of Islam and the rules of Allah. I ask forgiveness from Allah for the way I lived my life in the past.’

Sahar also wrote, “Despite great success and money, I was not satisfied. Because I never thought I would live this kind of life, even as a child. All of a sudden, I got into this industry and evolved. But decided to end these things. I want to spend the rest of my life according to God’s instructions. Everyone prays that by the grace of Allah I can lead a virtuous life. I want to be remembered not for the life I have lived up to now, but for the life I will live from now on.

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