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Shefali strips naked on camera, photo goes viral


Shefali strips naked on camera, photo goes viral

Entertainment desk: Known as the ‘Kanta Laga’ girl at the turn of the 21st century, Shefali Jariwala went on to star in several music videos and movies, but her career momentum was unremarkable. But Shefali almost always makes headlines thanks to social media. Sometimes he went out for a walk. Shefali shared some photos from one such trip on social media.

Shefali Jariwala

In the photos shared by Shefali, she is wearing a backless monokini. Monokini in purple color with orange, pink and blue zigzag embroidery. Deep Neck Monokini. As a result, Chefali’s divide is quite open. The deep collar has an orange color embroidery.

Shefali wears a white mesh top over a monokini. It also has floral embroidery in white color. Shefali did not reconcile. Leave the hair. Dark brown sunglasses are over the eyes. Pink smart watch in hand. In the photos, Shefali initially wore a white mesh top, but then took it off on camera and posed wearing only a monokini.

The photos were taken on a yacht. The yacht moves through the blue waters. However, Shefali said, these are photos from old trips. Shefali said she misses salt water and sandy beaches. However, netizens are ambivalent about Shefali’s photo. Many say that without wearing such clothes, he would have taken everything off! Many wrote again, shefali is just as beautiful even after forty years.

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Shefali made her Bollywood debut with the music video “Kanta Laga”. Thanks to this video, the low-rise jeans worn by Shefali created a new trend. Shefali recently worked in a music video in Bangladesh.

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