Shehnaz lost 12 kg of weight by consuming this drink


Shehnaz lost 12 kg of weight by consuming this drink

Entertainment desk: Shehnaz Gill is an actress, singer and model. But the fact that he came to train is that he is a popular contestant in “Bigg Boss Season 13”.

Shehnaz has received praise and love from millions since the days of the competition. Hailing from Chandigarh, India, Shehnaz is known as the Katrina Kaif of Punjab.

However, at the start of the corona outbreak, Shehnaz’s weight was very high. However, Shehnaz said the reason was that he was asked to bulk up with Bigg Boss.

However, the actress suffered as many laughed at Shehnaz’s extra weight. For this reason, Shehnaz decided to lose extra weight during the long lockdown at the start of the Corona outbreak.

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He lost 12 kg of weight in just 6 months and impressed everyone. Shehnaz lost 12 kg of weight by limiting his diet without exercising.

During a recent chat with actress Shilpa Shetty, Shehnaz revealed a special drink that has been instrumental in her weight loss during quarantine.

Shehnaz starts her day with a glass of turmeric water. This actress drinks by mixing two scoops of apple cider vinegar in warm water with a teaspoon of turmeric powder.

This drink is so beneficial that it increases the production of bile in the body and helps increase metabolism. Which will help you lose weight.

Take Shehnaz dosa, methi paratha, mung dal chilla, etc. breakfast. But whatever you eat, everything must be measured. Shehnaz has a bowl of dal and chapati in her lunch and dinner.

Shehnaz does not believe in rigorous physical exercise by going to the gym day and night. Shehnaz said you can stay in shape by walking regularly indoors or outdoors.

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According to him, “it is possible to lose weight easily by controlling your will and your greed. If you can give up outside food, you can surely lose weight quickly.

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