Shejan’s sisters appeal to reporters

Shejan’s sisters appeal to reporters

Shejan’s sisters also claimed in the statement that she was giving “full cooperation” to the police in investigating the case.

Shafaq Naz and Falak Naz said in the statement, “We will talk about it at the right time. But for now, please let us have the privacy our family deserves.

Tunisha Sharma played the role of the heroine in the series “Alibaba Dastan-e Kabul”. And the role of the hero was Shezan Khan.

Tunisha, 20, was found hanged after breaking down the door to the set’s make-up room during filming of the soap opera on Saturday. He was rushed to hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

The autopsy report revealed that Tunisha Sharma was not pregnant before her death. He died of asphyxiation by strangulation, no wounds were found on his body.

However, before the autopsy, Mumbai police arrested Shejan in the case of “inciting” Tunisha’s mother to commit suicide.

According to the complaint in the case, there was a love affair between Tunisha and Shejan. However, their relationship broke down 15 days before Tunisha’s death. Tunisha suffered from depression after the “break-up” of a romantic relationship, which “pushed her to suicide”.

Meanwhile, Shejan Khan has claimed that days before his death, his former lover ‘attempted’ to kill himself yet again.

“When Tunisha tried to kill herself a few days ago, it was Shejan who brought her out of the situation and asked her to take care of Tunisha’s mother,” a police official told AFP. news agency ANI, according to the interrogation.

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