Shipan Lakshmi is a boy: Sucharita


Shipan Lakshmi is a boy: Sucharita

The film “Basant Bikkel” by Rafiq Sikder with Sucharita and Shipan Mitra will go through censorship in a few days. The story of the film is mainly centered on mother and son – so said Shipan Mitra, the hero of this film.

Apart from filming, on September 1, the famous heroine of the film Sucharita came to a studio in Moghbazar of the capital for dubbing. During the dubbing, Shipon learned of this. It was then that he quit all work and came to meet Suchira. It was around 9 o’clock at night. Sucharita was in the dubbing room. Shipon was waiting. After the dubbing, Sucharita came out. As soon as he saw Suchrita, Shipon stood up and saluted.

Regarding Shipon Mitra, Sucharita said that Shipon Lakshmi is a boy. His modesty impressed me. He tries to act with his heart. I think Shipon will do much better in the future.

Shipon Mitra said: I’m still new to the film industry. Mr. Razzaq, Mrs. Kabri, Mrs. Shabana, Mr. Alamgir, Mrs. Babita, Mrs. Sucharita, the way they have contributed, we are moving forward on the future path by adopting this contribution. Constant learning of acting. I had the opportunity to work with Madame Sucharita, it is a great success in my life. I tried to learn from him. The humility I saw in him despite being such a great artist is worth learning about. I am proud to play with a great artist like him.

Rafiq Shikder said the film was scheduled to be released on September 30.

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