Shipon Bahudore Mahi after Adar (Video)


Shipon Bahudore Mahi after Adar (Video)

A few days ago Mahiya Mahi was seen having sex with Adar Azad while walking in the mountains and the sea. Now he is in the arms of Shipan Mitra again! What’s the secret ? He will be known from Friday (October 7). The new movie ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ will be released on this day. The Adar-Mahi-Shipon love triangle is necessary to the story of this film.

The day before the release, the new movie song ‘Maner Makhe’ was released. In it, Mahi was seen enjoying chemistry with Shipon. Mohammad Jasiur Rahman Setu and Bindia Khan double-voiced the song with lyrics by Sanjeevan Chakraborty. The song is composed by Rezwan Sheikh.

Commenting on the song, actor Shipon said, “The lyrics are amazing. The soundtrack and the video are made with it. However, audiences will understand exactly when this love is seen with Mahi in the film. Everyone is asked to come to the theater and watch the film.

Before that, two songs titled “Eto Alo” and the title of this movie were released. Adar Azad was seen with Mahi in both.

The film ‘Jao Pakhi Bolo Tare’ was produced by National Film Award winner Mustafizur Rahman Manik. Rashed Mamun Apu, Subrata, Mahmudul Islam Mithu (Barda Mithu), Masum Bashar, actress Rebecca Rauf, Milli Bashar, Lavanya and others also starred in this movie based on the love triangle. The film is produced by Tamalika Akram under the Cleopatra Films banner.

The film is released in 21 theaters across the country on Friday October 7 by The Abhi Kathachitra.

Link of the song ‘Mener Makhe’:

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