Shiuli Shila in two plays by the same director


Shiuli Shila in two plays by the same director

Shiuli Shila tried to establish herself as an actress by acting in television series, films and music videos. He is still not satisfied with acting in the acting world for a long time. He always dreams of playing difficult roles in dramas with good stories.

Shiuli Shila has directed two dramas in the story and direction of Khaleda Akhtar, the famous actress who brought her into the acting world. The two dramas are “Premik Bikewala” and “Callgirl”. Shiuli Shila played the central role in the story of both dramas.

In this context, he said, I have become Shiuli Shila today thanks to your imagination, Khaleda Akhtar. He basically inspired and guided me to work in the media. I acted in two excellent dramas under his direction. I hope the audience will like both dramas.

Even though he took a break for several days, he has focused on the game again and is also having a very busy time.

According to Shiuli Shila, since acting is her profession, she doesn’t think about doing anything else in life. He wants to spend the rest of his life acting as a profession and a livelihood. So it can be said that he became addicted to doing better acting at that time.

In the meantime, he made a short film titled “Swapne Dekha Rajkanya” under the direction of Rupak. He played the title role or the central role in the story.

In the meantime, he has already produced the work of two documentaries under the supervision of a ministry. Sheela said she starred in several social awareness documentaries including awareness of nutritious food for mothers and children, awareness of allowances for the disabled, focus on orphanages for helpless children and orphans. They are built by Saifuddin and Moniruzzaman.

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