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Shivaprasad Interview with Haami 2 director Shibaprasad Mukherjee

Shivaprasad Interview with Haami 2 director Shibaprasad Mukherjee

Chaitali Dutta

The film “Haami 2” (Haami 2) by director Nandita Roy and Shivprasad Mukhopadhyay was released in Sambar on December 23. The film’s box office collection nearly exceeded that of “Hami” in the first three days. More than 150 Humi 2 shows under the Windows Productions banner celebrated over Christmas. From the movie theater visit to the extreme movie-related hustle and bustle, the couple are engaged. Meanwhile, director Shibaprasad Mukherjee confronted “The Wall”. He said in an exclusive interview that he finished the plan to make “Hami 3”.

Comparatively, how far from “Hami” is “Hami 2”?

The public will say it standing from the cinema square. And in business terms, I’d say it’s only been three days. And a little further, you will understand what stands. When ‘Hami’ came out, there wasn’t much. Hami was released in normal times and not on vacation. Again, when ‘Hami 2’ came out, it was a busy Christmas. Children school holidays. Thus, more than 150 shows are sold out. That’s another matter.

But I think the stakes are in the same place. Now see, there is a good side to the franchise and there is also another side. When a franchise is created, the public has different opinions. For example, when the Hindi movie “Dhoom” came out, some said Hrithik Roshan was better, while others said Aamir Khan was ahead of the game. It’s inevitable.

Image - We also thought of Hami 3, the Laltu-Mithali duo will come back again and again: Shivprasad

You could say it was better when Lalto was in the medicine business in ‘Ramdhanu’. Some would say it was better when Laltu was in the cabinet. Some would say that Lalto’s “Comoat” sales are better. It will continue. Our job as directors is to come up with something new every time. New artists will work in the franchise, they will enrich the film. I’m going to work on new things, it’s joy.

What is the feedback from the public so far?

Hey dad, so much love from the audience! They are so impressed with the photo, which is unimaginable. The room applauds, the audience cries, what else can we say? What can be a greater success?

“Ramadhanu” was released in 2014, “Hami” in 2018 and “Hami 2” in 2022. Couldn’t the release date of this franchise be brought forward a little further in the space of four years?

When we made ‘Ramdhanu’, we never thought of making a franchise. We made the film a subject. Laltu-Mithali is not a literary character. Became popular by acting in film roles. The public appreciated. Then I thought, let’s “guarantee” about it. It has become more and more popular. Then I thought, if I could combine this topic with Laltu-Mithali, people might like it. That’s the point.

The third film in the Mithali-Laltu ‘Hami 2’ series. As a director, do you think the chemistry of their relationship was perfect?

The relationship between Laltu and Mithali is very fulfilling. We made a successful pair. The public loved this duo. The Laltu-Mithali duo was showered with love by the audience. It is a huge debt. As a director, I would say there is a detective, thriller franchise. But I don’t remember a franchise about a middle class couple, if ever. It’s really new.

Will Mithali-Laltu’s chemistry be on screen again in the next few days?

If such a story comes to mind, ‘Hami 3’ can be made. Already as a franchise, ‘Hami 2’ has been on the road to success for the past three days. Moreover, from the popularity it has gained and what can be seen in the box office trends, we can say right now that ‘Hami 3’ and even the plans for its next franchise are already in our heads.

Laltur-Mithali’s films showcase Laltur’s comedic flair on screen. The audience burst into applause. How funny is Laltu in his personal life?

In personal life, Laltu is sometimes pleasant and sometimes very serious. Life continues to mix everything up.

How exciting is it when you, as a director, make a film with children?

Working with children is very refreshing, full of joy. Nothing is more fun than working with newbies.

78 children worked in ‘Hami 2’. How was the experience of filming with so many children just after confinement?

It was very difficult. Sanitizing everything, wearing masks, taking sanitary precautions for children, making sure no child gets sick – all in all, it was a tough shoot. Since we have photographed so many children, we can understand the minds and behavior of children. So we don’t have a lot of problems with our children.

Image - We also thought of Hami 3, the Laltu-Mithali duo will come back again and again: Shivprasad

Anjan Dutt’s appearance in the film as Nitai Jeetha is, in a word, flawless. Could his role in the script have been increased a bit?

I do not think so. There are some things, its taste is better limited. It should be. We made a movie called ‘Aleek Sukh’. Where Soumitra Chatterjee was in a scene. We thought that’s what the scene should be about. Anjan Dutt’s character was given scale and scope in the film, we think that’s fair, it would have been difficult to increase it.

Dialogue in the mouth of Nitai Jyetha “Don’t be surprised in life, you will be surprised. The discoveries do not remain amazed…’ – This is the mentality that makes itself heard, as a director, do you think that this film will resonate with the urban literate public?

It’s very difficult to say! We create images for everyone. We do not create separate images for specific people. If I love it, if my mom loves it, if my family loves it, then I know other people will love it too. If someone doesn’t like it now, you can’t tell in advance.

Now reality TV is in full swing. How much do you support competition between children?

I can’t stand it at all. I don’t really like competition. Nothing will happen in competition. In Rabindranath’s system of education, there was no room for competition. I think it’s a different matter if someone comes to show off talent rather than all these reality TV competitions. The competition shouldn’t be right.

It’s the spirit of the children, they won’t be able to bear the elimination. Competition means there will be wins and losses. Many things need to be done for a channel’s TRP. But it’s not fair to mess up a child’s mind. If I say that the world will change, it is not. All I can say is that I don’t like it. Anyone can like it, otherwise why are so many people watching? Surely people watch everyday because they enjoy it.

Your film brings out both the pros and cons of reality TV. In addition, the mentality of the candidates’ parents was also captured.

Watch the movie ‘Hami 2’, the mother has two words in her mouth, ‘Where will the child show talent in the bathroom or bedroom?’ What the mother says is a practical fact. Without reality TV shows, the talent would not have been shown. So there are two sides.

As we make films, that does not mean that all films will be successful. Can also flop. It’s no use thinking that. If you come down to play, you have to accept everything. My point is that this game shouldn’t go indoors. My main point is what’s inside the movie ‘Hami 2’. “It’s our mission from today… no competition in friendship.”

Bumbada’s performance as the director in the film, his body language, his facial expressions are amazing. Was the script written with Bumbada in mind?

You understood well. The screenplay was written with Bumbada in mind. It changed depending on the character. Clothing models, looks, hairstyles – everything was changed by him. How much a person can change to become the right character, it is not understandable without working with him. His dedication to work is truly admirable. The most important thing is to get along with the children, to tour with them as friends – it’s very important.

Image - We also thought of Hami 3, the Laltu-Mithali duo will come back again and again: Shivprasad

Who “asked” the tough, intellectual questions of reality TV in the film?

Nanditadi and I, together, established the question paper through discussion. Sometimes I ask myself questions. Again, Nandita Di may have said, “Ask a question like this.” This is how we worked together.

What is Windows’ plan next year in terms of images?

There are images in Bengali. Hindi movie is in progress. Much work remains. Bengali films will soon return to the courts. We’re not talking about getting the movie out quickly just by making the movie. Let’s move forward thinking slowly. I thought of ‘Hami 2’ in 2018. Released in 2022.

What are the New Year’s resolutions?

I hear about covid from here and elsewhere. I pray to God that there are no more viruses in the world. Nothing bad can happen. It doesn’t matter if we made our own films or not. Ever since we made ‘Hami 2’, the director has had a sweet tooth. I pray to God that all shows become houseful. But I don’t say it, it’s Laltu Mandal who says it!

After Bamakshyapa, here is Ramprasad, the return of Sabyasachi after the mourning of Aindrila

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