Shoaib Malik fell in love with Sania?


Shoaib Malik fell in love with Sania?

Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik and Ayasha Omar. file picture


Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik and Ayasha Omar. file picture

The Sania Mirza-Shoeb Malik pair is very popular in the sports world. Although the playing fields of the two are different, they have spent 12 years together in family life. The house of this couple of stars is now on the verge of collapse. The sound of separation plays!

Various Indian and Pakistani media reports that Sania-Shoeb are no longer together. Even the two are walking the path to divorce. Although the two have not officially announced anything so far. However, Sania’s series of sad social media posts have fueled the problem.

The name of Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar came up as the reason for this separation. According to a report from Bollywood Life, Shoaib Malik took part in a photoshoot with Ayesha Omar last year. In 2021, Shoaib-Ayesha was on the cover of OK magazine’s September issue. They spent an entire day together for this photoshoot. Then the two became friends. This relationship later turns into an extramarital affair. Along with the photo shoot, Shoaib Malik took part in a TV show with the model.

Shoaib’s name is heard not only with Ayesha Omar, but also with another Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. Mahira starred in ‘Raees’ opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Shoaib joined him in a live chat on Instagram. In this “show”, the Pakistani cricketer “flirted” with Mahira. So, Mahira’s name also appeared in the media along with Ayesha Omar. But it’s all just rumors! Because Sania and Shoaib have been silent on the issue of separation.

Citing sources, Pakistan’s Geo TV reported that Sania and Shoaib have signed contracts with several television programs. If they file for divorce in this situation, they may face legal problems. So they don’t say anything now. Another decision may be known once the legal issues have been resolved.

According to a report by Khaleej Times, Sania is currently in a new home in Dubai. She lives with her only son Izhan Mirza Malik.

In 2009, two star players from two countries got involved. Sania and Shoaib got married in 2010. Since then, Sania has lived with Shoaib Malik in a villa in Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. In 2018, a son came to their home. Meanwhile, the Indian tennis star decided to retire from tennis in January this year.

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