Shoaib spoke for the first time about the speculation of separation with Sania after the birth of the child.

Shoaib spoke for the first time about the speculation of separation with Sania after the birth of the child.

Bangladeshi office: Marriages and divorces keep happening in the entertainment world. This wind has also reached the sports world. Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza face the separation, the rumors run in the ear. Sania became the wife of Pakistan after crossing the love border. Survived for ten years. But this time, maybe Shoaib Sania’s family will crumble like a house of cards.

The tension between the two’s personal lives has been in the headlines for a long time. A decade later, after the birth of a child, Shoaib Sania’s marriage is torn apart. It has even been alleged that the Pakistani cricketer cheated on his wife by having an extramarital affair. Sania’s various posts on social media hinted at the unrest.

It has even been heard that they have not officially announced the news of the separation yet because they are under contract with several TV shows. That’s why Shoaib Sania is still doing theatre. Rumors about the matter have been swirling, but no one has commented yet. Eventually, the Pakistani cricketer broke the silence.

In an interview with a news outlet, Shoaib made it clear that it was their personal business. Don’t worry about others, let them be themselves. He also said that not only he, but also Sania will not answer any questions related to the separation.

Just as split speculation is rife, Shoaib Sania’s talk show announcement has deepened the doubts of many. A close friend of the star couple opened up about their personal issues. He told the media that Shoaib Saniyar had already separated.

On the other hand, according to Pakistani media, Shoaib Sania is associated with several shows on the small screen. They are under contract. In such a situation, if they announce the divorce, they may have to get involved in legal complications. That’s why Shoaib Sania has kept a lock on his face till now.

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