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Shoe dispute, during Vicky-Katrina’s wedding, there was a fight between the two families!


Shoe dispute, during Vicky-Katrina’s wedding, there was a fight between the two families!

bangladeshi the pulpit: The Indian wedding means a small celebration. And if it’s a Bollywood wedding, there’s no doubt about it. Money flies in Bollywood. The higher the status of the person who can show the splendor of the wedding ceremony, the higher the status. But Katrina Kaif (Katrina Kaif) said that not only money flies in marriage, but shoes are also thrown away!

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif got married last December. After being secretly in love for a long time, they planned to get married in secret. The wedding ceremony of ‘Vikat’ took place in the hundreds of years old fort of Rajasthan. However, before the wedding, everything was leaked to the media.

After the wedding, Katrina shared several photos from the event on social media. But is fan interest that easy to curb? Vicky Katrina’s wedding year has passed. They will celebrate their first wedding anniversary next month. Before that, the actress revealed a fun story about her wedding ceremony.

Recently, Katrina came to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ to promote the movie ‘Phone Bhoot’. There, he says, there was a small quarrel between Vicky and Katrina’s family members during the wedding ceremony. In fact, Indian weddings have a funny custom of removing the groom’s shoes.

Katrina’s foreign sisters also visited Vicky’s shoe store. That’s when the incident happened. The actress said: “I could hear a lot of screaming behind me. I turned around and saw everyone fighting and pulling shoes. They were all friends of my sister and Vicky. Everyone world was fighting.”

When Kapil asked, who ultimately won the fight? The actress answered, she didn’t ask anything. He was busier with his marriage. Katrina’s response bursts into laughter on Kapil Sharma’s show.

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