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Show inappropriate ‘border’ declaration

Show inappropriate ‘border’ declaration

Ahmed Zaman Shimul

“Border” directed by Saikat Nasir did not get censorship clearance. The Film Censor Board declared the film unfit for screening. Deputy Director of the Board of Directors. Mominul Haque confirmed the news to Sarabangla.

Maryland Mominul Haque told Sarabangla, “We sent an official letter to the film last week. We declared the border cinemas unsuitable for screening.

However, the Censor Board did not agree to explain why the film was declared unfit for screening.

Director Saikat Nasir said he learned of the ban from the Censor Board. He said there were many points in the letter from counsel. We have decided not to go into a formal explanation about them. We will re-submit the image next month with some corrections on our part.

The movie ‘Border’ is based on the story of the border area. The censored screening of the film took place on August 22.

A council source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Sarabangla that although the film shows the border area, the BGB later shows the police controlling law and order. Mafias have also been shown to control ministers and MPs.

Director Saikat Nasir then informed Sarabangla of the statements made by the Censor Board about “Border”, the errors referred to are not correct. He said, “We told the story of the border area, but we didn’t tell the story of the border. We told the story of a police station in a border area. The police are working on a particular case there. In addition, at some point in the story, the police go to the border, then the officer asks his subordinate, it is in the border area, but here we have to take permission from the BGB. Was he taken? In response, he was informed that written and verbal permission had been taken. In other words, we have a good idea of ​​who is responsible for what in the border area.

And we did not show any history of ministers and deputies. I just showed the story of a PS. But we haven’t said what PS is in the story. If someone assumes that he is a minister, deputy, it is sad.

The story of the film is written by Asad Zaman. Ashish Khandkar played the lead role. There is also Suman Farooq, Sanju John, Adhara Khan, Rashed Mamun Apu, Moumita Mau, Shaheen Mridha. The film is produced by Maximum Entertainment. It was due out on September 9.

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