Shubo Sharma married Nirhua for money

Shubo Sharma married Nirhua for money

Entertainment desk: Along with Bollywood, Bhojpuri film industry is in the center of attention these days. Bhojpuri movies have improved a lot from the previous ones. The song videos or dialogues of various Bhojpuri movies sometimes become super hits in the world of social media.


In particular, the YouTube trending list shows songs or videos from various Bhojpuri movies. Several actresses in this Bhojpuri industry have stolen netizens’ sleep by showing off their great performances. Millions of people are fans of their killer expressions.

Subhi Sharma is very popular among Bhojpuri actresses. He is quite active on social media. Sometimes he posts various photos and goes viral in the net world. Why won’t it happen again? Millions of Internet users were captivated by his funny expression.

He recently posted a romantic music video on YouTube that went viral in no time. Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Neerahua shares the screen with Subhi Sharma in this music video. The viral video is titled “Pala Me Laga Ke Kadi”. In this song, Neerahua is seen kissing with newly married Subhi Sharma.

A new feather in Srilekha’s crown, what an honor he received

But the actress tries to run away from him. In fact, according to the music video story, Subhi Sharma married Nirahua in a love trap just for the greed of money. However, netizens fell in love with the beauty of the actress in the music video. This viral video is from the movie “Nirahua Hindustani 3”.

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