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Simon “Gaye Yellow” from Bubli; ‘Basare’ Roshan


Simon “Gaye Yellow” from Bubli; ‘Basare’ Roshan

Director Jasim Uddin Zaki posted five photos on his Facebook handle. In the photo released on Wednesday night, sexy Dhakai actresses Shabnam Bubli and Simon Sadiq are dressed in yellow.

Asked about the incident, actor Simon Sadiq told bdnews24: “I’m shooting for the movie Maya: The Love. It’s a love movie. My character name is Arif. Shabnam Bubli is with me. Her character name is Madhavi. Today we had yellow shoots on us.

Producer Jasim Uddin said the scene of Simon Sadiq wearing yellow with Bubli was shot in Uttara. On this occasion, qawwali songs were arranged. Qawwali is written by itself. Akash Mahmud sang the song with music and melody.

About the movie, he said, “The movie is almost done. Filming of the last batch is underway. The film will be released next year. Apart from a sweet love story, there are many surprises.

When asked what the surprise was, he replied, “Although Bubli’s skin will be yellow with Simon Sadiq, Basar will be with another movie hero, Ziaul Roshan.” Various events will occur in the meantime. To find out about these events, the public must go to the hall.

Besides Simon Sadiq, Ziaul Roshan and Shabnam Bubli, Anisur Rahman Milan stars in this movie, director Jasim said.

He said November 20 was the heroine Bubli’s birthday. The heroine’s birthday was celebrated on the sets of this film. The shooting of the film proceeded like every day. In the evening, filming was stopped by the director of Cake Annan. Hundreds of artist-artists in the unit wished Bubli on his birthday.

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