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Simon in a new form in the movie ‘Live’

Simon in a new form in the movie ‘Live’

Recently, movie theaters across the country have come alive with several movies. After many years, the trend of returning to the theater began among the public. Popular movie couple Dhakai Simon Sadiq and Mahia Mahi have joined this trend.

On Friday, September 9, the duo’s new film “Live” was released in 26 cinemas, including four Cineplexes in the country.

The promotion of the film says that it is a psychopathic thriller. There are a lot of discussions about the story, the screenplay, the dialogues, the background music of the film. Even after watching the movie, what the propaganda said seemed to be correct. It is indeed a solid psycho thriller.

Simon Sadiq and Mahia Mahi in a scene from the movie ‘Live’

But what seems to be the most talked about topic is that the film will rediscover protagonist Simon Sadiq. Simon, who is known as the hero of the movie Masladar, spread the fascination by playing a different style of character here.

Mahiya Mahi’s performance with him is also unique. The film, directed by filmmaker Shamim Ahmed Rani, appears to be the turning point in Simon-Mahi’s career.

Now the creators are trying to tell character-centric stories. Shamim Ahmed Rani succeeded from this place. In the film, he portrayed the characters of Simon and Mahi in Munsiana. Simon in particular worked hard.

The extensive preparation Simon had for the role was also understood. Audiences were mesmerized by his performance as long as he was on screen. In this film, Simon is very fluid in expression, dialogue and acting.

jagonews24Another scene from the movie ‘Live’

Simon shot almost the entire film in one piece. Mahi gave him worthy company.

Simon Sadiq will become a unique actor in Bengali cinema if he regularly takes care of this film and concentrates on selecting characters for the story.

Another positive thing after watching the movie is that Mahiya Mahi, who plays the role of Jaya Biswas in this movie, tried her best to push her acting skills a bit further. Through his efforts, audiences will experience Mahi in a different way than other films.

Actor Adar Azad also appeared in the film for a short time. Shiva Sanu’s performance will also be seen separately in the film.

Besides Simon and Mahi, Adar Azad, Khairul Bashar, Shiva Shanu, Amin Sarkar, Saberi Alam and others starred in this movie.


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