Singer Akbar has died


Singer Akbar has died

Singer Akbar has diedAkbar Ali Ghazi

Singer Akbar, who caused a stir nationwide by singing on popular magazine show “Etiyadi”, has died. Innalillahi Wainnailahi Razioun.

He breathed his last on Sunday, November 13 afternoon. This information was confirmed by Akbar’s wife, Kaniz Fatema.

Singer Akbar has been kept alive in the capital’s Bardem Hospital for the past few days due to deteriorating physical condition. Akbar breathed his last there.

He follows a treatment of several days. He suffers from diabetes. Jaundice, kidney problems, blood inflammation and other physical complications have been taking hold in the body for two years. The singer had been bedridden since January.

Both of Akbar’s kidneys were damaged due to the accumulation of water in his body, and his right leg was damaged. This leg was surgically amputated. His kidney and liver problems increased after his leg was amputated.

He had to be taken to India for this. Akbar suffers from kidney disease and has been treated several times in the country and abroad. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina donated Tk 20 lakh for his treatment.

“Ekdin Pakhi Ude” by Kishore Kumar was sung again by Akbar Ali Ghazi. He is known as Akbar to everyone. The song got him chatting on Hanif Sanket’s magazine show “Ettadi”.

After that, the song ‘Tomar Hatapakhar Bata Se’ made him known to the public and listeners at home and abroad. Before that, he used to sing in various stage shows in Jessore.

Akbar drove a rickshaw in Jessore before gaining fame as a singer. Although Akbar was born in Paikgacha, Khulna, he grew up in Jessore.

Bangladesh time: 1523 hours, November 13, 2022

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