Singer Rupankar Bagchi again made a controversial comment about singer Iman Chakraborty called her an insecure rjk


Singer Rupankar Bagchi again made a controversial comment about singer Iman Chakraborty called her an insecure rjk

It’s unclear if the controversy isn’t leaving him behind or if he’s not leaving the controversy behind. This is the artist Rupankar Bagchi. Rupankar has been embroiled in a huge controversy by making negative comments about artist Krishnakumar Kunnath who we all know as KK (KK). KK’s death shortly after these comments pushed the controversy further. This time, Rupankar again got involved in the controversy. He caused a new controversy by commenting on the artist Iman Chakraborty in this chat show on television.

In a recent interview, Rupankar said, “Imon is a fighter. Now at the peak of popularity. But I think Emon is very insecure even after so much popularity. Even if we are all a little precarious in this profession. But he may be a little less sure of himself. That’s why KK went live on Facebook after the KK incident. I told myself that I was going to tell him that he could have done without doing the Facebook live. Maybe he was afraid that the work might disappear. The show can be cancelled. Even if you are not so afraid, it will continue.

Eamon replied after the comment was posted. The singer could not keep silent after hearing such comments about herself from Rupankar. Speaking of Rupankar, Eamon said, “If I’m not sure, Rupankar himself is too. I am a single girl. I fought this battle of life alone. If I’m not sure, there is no work available in this industry. So if Rupankar da called me insecure then maybe he himself is like that.

Eamon couldn’t agree with Rupankar after he made a controversial cake comment. He said that being an artist, he should respect another artist. And there Rupankar said, Who is KK? The national award-winning singer said in this context, “Rupankar Da said it in his own way. But I had room to protest. We just had one thing to say, as an artist you can never insult or put down another person.

Incidentally, after involving KK in the controversy, Rupankar held a press conference and publicly apologized. He said he had no intention of hurting anyone. He is now facing this situation only because of his own mistake of words.

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